Sunday, April 2, 2017

Two Weeks in the Philippines: part 1

Although I'm currently serving full-time at FMC's mission base in Louisiana, I still have the incredible opportunity to travel on short-term trips to our mission posts around the world! This March, I helped lead a group of Benedictine College students on a medical mission trip to Malaybalay, Philippines.

Filipino and American missionaries serving the Lord together!
Each day was packed with prayer and service. On the first day we visited the city jail, celebrated Mass with the inmates, and provided them with medical checkups. We dispensed medicine, vitamins, toiletries, and rosaries. Finally, we prayed over each inmate -- their most common prayer request was for freedom! Many of the men and women there have grown close to the Lord during their time in jail, particularly through the witness of the missionaries who lead a weekly Bible study for them.

Sorting medicine at the pharmacy station.
Another day we held an outdoor clinic for residents of a nearby village. It rained on and off the whole afternoon, but the nursing students were awesome and kept working even though they were getting wet!

Translating the local Visayan dialect for the English-speaking students.
One of my favorite outings was a visit to the home of Nanay Ludi. Nanay (meaning "mother") is a sweet elderly woman who lives outside the city. Our missionaries have grown to know and love her and her husband over the past few years, and lately she has been suffering with chronic head pain, so we brought a nurse (one of our mission trip participants) to her house!

Beautiful scenery on the way there -- I brought my ukulele!
Nanay is the quintessential example of the simple faith that I have found time and time again among the Filipino poor. It is simple in the sense that she just trusts completely in Jesus. She knows that no one else can provide for her needs, her health, or her happiness like He can.

Nanay showing us "where it hurts."
What always amazes me is that it is precisely this simple faith which Jesus desires....and when we believe that God can work miracles and ask Him in faith, He does!! After Nanay's checkup, we laid hands on her and prayed for a relief from the pain, and that the Lord would heal any emotional or spiritual wounds as well. We prayed for God to cast out any spirits of unforgiveness, anger, or hurt.

Overjoyed at the gift of a beautiful rosary.
And Jesus healed her!!!! Nanay reported feeling a weight lifted from her, and in that moment the pain that had plagued her for months decreased dramatically! She was filled with joy to proclaim God's goodness and His healing hand. Praise You, Jesus!

I am so grateful for your faithful support that allows me to continue serving these people, both on trips like this one and through my daily work at our stateside missions office. I invite you to consider coming on a mission trip yourself! God wants to work in miraculous ways in your own heart and in the hearts of those you will meet and serve. Read more about our short-term trips here!

May our faith grow ever deeper as we seek to know Him more!

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